For slightly more general information about me, see my resume.

I've published a game on Steam, for which I was the lead programmer and created all art assets. Check out LightWalk!

I was the producer on a card game called Lich Party; I managed a team of 7 designers and 5 artists. The game is for sale on TheGameCrafter.

For a CPGD Showcase, I created a 3D first person shooter called Dark Golem. It featured a custom level editor and local multiplayer.

For our grad AI class, I helped co-create Disk Wars, which featured a knowledged-based AI that would remember how humans played the game, and then emulate the play style of the best human players.

For the 2013 Global Game Jam, I programmed the engine and some gameplay for Torus.

While studying abroad at Swinburne, I helped create a board game: Space Bomb.

As part of the FIT Fraunhofer TOTEM program, I build a mixed reality mobile game Arduinnae.

For CSC 478, Cameron Olson and I made a twitter-controls game (Tesla Tanks). You tweet where you want your player to move, view the game on a website and the game supports hundreds of players simultaneously!

I've published an app on Google Play. Its purpose is to keep track of health totals for the cardgame Yomi by Sirlin Games.

I helped code and made all the models for Star Republic: The Destruction of Helios (for CSC 476)

I worked on Hexadecimate (a turn-based strategy game) (for CSC 480)

I built an 'untitled' 2D platformer rapid prototype with Nick Alereza for a CPGD Club Showcase.

I built a Flash game in preparation of assisting with Dr. Micheal Haungs CSC 123

I've participated in the Global Game Jam a number of times. Here's my 2010 team's game: Shaolin Skunk

The very first game I programmed, with some help from Nick Alereza, "BulletHell" was in Java.