You'll need SDL 1.3 and SConstruct. MacOS and Linux only...

How to play: Star Republic User Guide

  1. Goal

    1. Objectives

        • In order to win the game, you must destroy the glowing purple spheres scattered throughout the world.

  2. UI

    1. Health

        • In the upper left of the screen is a health bar that displays your current health. The more you are hit, the smaller it will get. When the bar is no more, you will lose.

  3. Controls

    1. Movement

      1. Movement is done using the mouse.

        • The mouse moves the reticle and the ship follows.

      2. Space Bar

        • Holding the space bar will cause the ship to accelerate, but you will be unable to fire.

    2. Offense:

      1. Left Shift

        • Toggles auto-aim.

      2. Z

        • Fires basic blasters, 2 bullets

      3. X

        • Fires missiles, up to 6 depending on the number of nearest enemies.

        • Missiles are homing and destroy enemies on impact.

      4. C

        • Fires shotgun, 6 bullets in a random direction in front of you.

    3. Camera Angles

      1. F1

        • Normal, motion camera. The camera will move slightly based on where you are on the screen. (Smoothest, default camera)

      2. F2

        • Stable path camera. The camera will not move based on your location, it will just follow the path.

      3. F3

        • Third Person Camera, I wouldn't use this one...

      4. F4

        • First Person Camera, a lot of fun!

  4. Enemies

    1. Turret

        • Turrets are the most basic enemies and they will be scattered throughout the world. They shoot directly at you, so you'll need to be on your toes!

    2. Basic Ship

        • Basic ships will try to dodge your shots and shoot rapidly at you.

    3. Gun Ship

        • Gun Ships have mounted turrets and will attack without remorse.